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Sacrament of Baptism -


Congratulations on the birth of your child!
Our parish welcomes your baby with joy and gladness.

 To arrange for baptism of your infant, please call the Parish Office and speak to our secretary.

She will provide you with the necessary forms to begin planning for your little one's special day.

She will also put you in contact with Jon Wheeler, our Director of Faith Formation. Once you have met with Jon Wheeler for a Prebaptismal Catechesis, you can set the date for your baby's baptism with our secretary.

Before setting the date, our parish requires you to attend the session and have all your paperwork turned in to our secretary.

Small Children:

Do you have preschool age children who have not yet been baptized? We are happy to assist you in beginning your child's sacremental life.

If your child has not yet entered Kindergarten and has no older siblings in need of Baptism, the steps for setting up Baptism are the same as for Infants. However, young children are catechized with the parents as part of the preparation.

School-age Children:

If your unbaptized child is in Kindergarten or older, we welcome them to the Children's Catechumenate, part of our parish's RCIA process. Children who are students at St. Jude School are catechized in their classroom, and participate in the Dismissal Rite at Weekday and Sunday liturgies.

Please arrange in advance by calling the Parish Office.

Sacrament of Matrimony

Arrangements should be made with the Pastor at least six months in advance of the wedding date.

Saying I Do: What happens at a Catholic Wedding

This approximately twenty minute video helps engaged couples better understand the Rite of Marriage and answers frequently asked questions about marriage in the Church.

Communion and Confirmation Documents

First Communion information worksheet

Confirmation information worksheet

Sponsor registration form (print as two-sided, foldable)

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